Step 7 – Start your affiliate program

An affiliate program is simply a system that enables you to enlist other website owners to promote your products and you pay them a commission if they make a sale.

    The process goes as follows:

  • You provide the website owner with a unique link back to your website
  • The website owner attaches the link to a banner or a string of text and places it on their site
  • When their visitors click on the link, they will be forwarded to your website.
  • If the visitor makes a purchase you will pay the website owner an agreed upon commission

In order to make the process work, you need a reliable affiliate tracking system that will:

  • Track and record the visitors purchases
  • Send you and your affiliate and email to alert you that a sale was made
  • Provide you and your affiliate a way to check the sales statistics

You could purchase an expensive affiliate program software package and spend a ton of time trying to figure out how to integrate it into your website. Or you can work with one of the many companies that will run your program for you on their servers.

We work with a company called Affiliate Tracking and they have a great system that has worked well for us.

    Benefits of having an affiliate program:

  • Easily Enlist An Army of Motivated Associates! They’ll work really hard to promote your product or service — with no risk to you — because it’s a win-win partnership! When they send you a paying customer, you pay them a commission. If they don’t make any sales, it doesn’t matter because it didn’t cost either of you a dime!
  • Advertise Your Business On Every Corner Of The Web — For FREE! With hundreds, even thousands, of associates personally recommending your products and services to their subscribers, it’s easy to get your name, your products, and your URL on sites big and small all across the Internet… at absolutely no cost!
  • Never Lose Money On Ineffective Advertising – Ever Again You ONLY pay when a sale is made — not merely for impressions or click-throughs. If an associate drives visitors to your site, but produces no sales, you owe him nothing. You only ever pay for real sales!
  • Track 10,000 Associates As Easily As 1 Associate! Software keeps track of which associate made which sale… where each customer is coming from… exactly how much you owe each associate… plus much more — all automatically!
  • Skyrocket Your Sales With Third-Party Recommendations that are far more powerful than you advertising yourself! Just like recommending a movie to a friend, when your associates recommend your products to their customers and subscribers, you’ll look that much more credible… and you’ll be 400% more likely to close those sales!
  • Instantly Capitalize On Other People’s High Search Engine Rankings. Get all of the exposure of the top ranking web sites — without all of the work or expense! All you need to do is go to sites that have already secured a top listing in the search engines and get them to become your associates. Then your banner and text link gets all of the visibility they do!

Your affiliate program is quite literally the ultimate performance-based advertising because you only pay for results!

You can sign up hundreds, even thousands, of affiliates who will promote your product or service to their customers, newsletter subscribers, opt-in e-mail lists, etc… (you set the rules regarding how your affiliates are allowed to market your products), and you only have to pay them when they make a sale!

As you can see, an affiliate program is a must. So you need to get yours started right away.