Step 2 – Reserve Your Domain Name & Hire a Website Hosting Company

Reserve Your Domain Name:

Your domain name and the name of your website should be the same because you want people to easily remember who you are and how to find you. It will be easier to reserve the domain name first and then name your business the same thing.

Your domain name can be up to 67 characters long, so make it as descriptive as possible. You can use hyphens in your domain name but try to use just one because some people will forget to put it in.

If a domain is taken you may be able to add “the” or “my” to the beginning of it. However, I would not recommend making it plural and adding an “s”.

If the domain you want is only available under another extension such as .net and .org you may want to consider using it. However, the search engines seem to rank the .com sites before the other extensions. If you have to go with something other than .com make sure you promote your business using the full domain name so people wont get confused and go to .com instead.

You want to get your domain name BEFORE you do anything else. You want to build your business around the domain name and not try to fit a domain name to an existing website or an existing business.

I highly recommend Network Solutions/VeriSign for reserving your domain name. They have been around for a long time and they’re one of the largest in the business. Reserving your domain with them is simple:

  1. Go to their site and search for an available domain
  2. Pay for a one-year reservation

After you hire a hosting company for your website, you will contact Network Solutions and tell them to point your domain name to your website address at the hosting company.

Hiring a Website Hosting Company

Don’t go with the free web host. They put advertising banners on your site, they don’t give you enough server space, it can be difficult to quickly update your site, also the free hosts often include their name in your domain name so it makes your site look unprofessional.

Your web host should provide the following:

  • 99% up time or better
  • at least 10GB of bandwidth transfer (the movement of your data from the web host servers to your visitors browser)
  • at least 200MB of disk space (most sites only use about 5MB but if your building shopping mall site it could get pretty big)
  • 24/7 tech support; never chose a host that doesn’t have tech support on the weekends or on holidays. (make sure you sign up with the main company and not with one of their resellers; sometimes the resellers are just salesmen and don’t perform timely tech support)
  • SSL (secure server) this is needed if you plan to process credit card information
  • control panels for making changes to your account; (stay away from hosts that make you contact them to create new email accounts, change passwords or make other admin changes)

We recommend using PowerWeb as a web host. They offer an abundance of features at an affordable price.

  • 99.5% uptime
  • 30GB of transfer
  • 500MB of storage
  • secure server
  • control panels
  • shopping carts, daily backups and a host of other features
  • also 11 categories of daily news content you can add to your site that will automatically update … it includes financial, business and world news, horoscopes, movies and weather