Step 1 – Choosing Your Product

The best product to sell on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter, is a product that you create or own. Mainly because you have more control over costs.

Selling Informational Products:

If you have an informational product that solves a common problem, that is the ultimate product to offer over the iNet.

You can put your informational product in an eBook format and offer it as a download or on a CD-ROM that you mail to the customer. (An eBook is a book that is delivered in an electronic format that your customers can view on their computer.)

If you have an idea for an informational product, you will need a good eBook creator software package and I would recommend using the eBook creator that we use. It’s packed with all the features you need in an eBook creator and has worked out great for us. It also contains the information you will need to get set up to distribute your product as a internet download or on a CD-ROM that you mail out.

Selling products and gifts:

If you want to sell products and gifts, once again it’s best if you can sell your own craft or a product that you own. If you don’t have your own product you will need to find reliable wholesale sources. There are numerous companies that offer wholesale directories that list sources for products. I would recommend you do a search on Google and review some of them for yourself.

Affiliate Programs:

There are numerous affiliate programs you can join and earn commissions by sending your visitors to someone else’s website to make a purchase. But I would recommend developing your own product, or purchasing products at wholesale for resale, and creating your own web presence before joining affiliate programs and sending your visitors to someone else’s site.


Once you have a good idea about your product, you’re ready to move on to step two. Remember, if it’s an information product, you don’t have to have it completely ready to go. Just make sure your idea will solve some kind of common problem. And remember: You always want to fit a product to a market and not try to fit a market to a product.