About Us

At Interactive Aim we are passionate about small businesses. Our focus has always been to develop web sites that are effective, sustainable and cost-efficient. We believe a strong web presence is vital for thriving small businesses.

The biggest hurdle to effective web development is bringing all the pieces together. A great looking website is ineffective if it can’t be found; a high ranking website that’s unattractive and can’t convert traffic is also a problem. Then there are the issues of web site updates and maintenance, domain names, hosting and e-mail. With Interactive aim you won’t have any of these issues to deal with.

We handle everything, including copy writing, SEO development, domain management, hosting and maintenance.

Interactive Aim was founded by an individual who is passionate about small business. We were convinced that there had to be some better website options than the ones available. It seemed to us that small business owners only had a few choices. They could go to a web design company and spend thousands of dollars, then go to an SEO company and spend a few thousand more… Way too expensive. Or, they could use a do-it-yourself website builder and have a terrible looking site that can’t be found… That’s not so appealing either.

We found these limited options to be unacceptable. Why couldn’t a company create visually appealing, fully optimized web sites at an affordable price?

Our approach is simple: develop strategies that work and then create an incredibly efficient system to carry the process out. We feel we have achieved our goal and hope to prove it to you. Check out our services and learn about our system, and we’re fairly certain you will come to believe in our approach.